Post-event update:

Thank you to everyone who helped and participated in the challenge! Our summary and the challenger papers can be found beginning on page 41 of the RaPID proceedings.

For those who are interested in exploring the data we described at RaPID/LREC, please first obtain access to AphasiaBank, then use those credentials to retrieve psstdata.

The PSST Challenge focuses on a technically-challenging and clinically important task—high-accuracy automatic phoneme recognition of disordered speech, in a diagnostic context—which has applications
 in many different areas relating to speech and language disorders.

Fill out this form to get access to the data. Papers must be submitted in softconf by Saturday, April 9, 2022 (extended, originally April 4), formatted according to the author’s kit. Please refer to RaPID submission details for more information.

Icon Credits: Announcement by Mello from Noun Project. Line Graph by Tom Fricker from Noun Project. Submit by Fajar Hasyim. Flight by Paisley from Noun Project.