Allow us to introduce ourselves

The PSST Challenge is a collaboration between Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) and Portland State University (PSU). Our proposed activities will be supported via a grant from the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders NIH (R01-DC015999-04S1), the purpose of which is to promote the use of clinical datasets of aphasic speech by the mainstream machine learning community, and which includes travel support for participating students.

Steven has long brown hair draping over his shoulder, a full brown beard, and light skin. He is wearing sunglasses, an olive green billed cap, and a black rain jacket. His teeth are showing as he smiles and leans against a tree, with a forest in the background.

Steven Bedrick is an Associate Professor at Oregon Health and Science University. His research focuses on biomedical applications for speech and language technologies, with a particular emphasis on language disorders and disabilities.

Gerasimos has short brown hair, a short brown beard with a few white patches, and light skin. He is wearing a blue and white collared shirt with a broad plaid pattern. He is smiling with his mouth closed in front of a plain sky-blue wall.

Gerasimos Fergadiotis is a Professor at Portland State University. His research focuses on developing psychometric applications to quantify clinically relevant aspects of language processing in stroke patients.

Robert has a brown beard, light skin, and his hair is covered with a bright red beanie. He wears glasses and an orange/blue/white zippered coat. He is wide-eyed and has his hand to his ear, listening to the many barnacles on the large rock right behind him.

Robert Gale is a Research Engineer at Oregon Health and Science University, researching and implementing systems to recognize and analyze speech & language in a clinical context.

Mikala has light brown hair draped over her shoulder and light skin. She is wearing a dark gray blazer with a white shirt underneath. She smiles with her teeth showing, standing near a balcony railing and a variety of potted plants. Large city buildings cover most of the background, with a bit of blue sky in the middle.

Mikala Fleegle is a Research Speech-Language Pathologist at Portland State University. Her research interests are in using computer technologies for more precise assessment of aphasia and apraxia of speech.

Special Thanks

Portland State University students Mia Cywinski, Emily Tudorache, and Khanh Nguyen contributed to the preparation and annotation of the transcribed dataset. Raye Watts designed our logo and web site.